Elite Shooting Academy

ELITE SHOOTING ACADEMY Instructor (Coach Davis)
demonstrate his shooting technique!

Click here to watch the video: http://www.ynetvlive.com/video/886/Coach-Davis-Shooting-Form-demonstration–2015

                        Be that shooter!

Developing Advanced Player’s Shooting

If you come to our shooting clinic we want you to feel confident that we can help you with your shooting and scoring. With our experience of doing shooting camps for the last 15 years, our shooting instructors work easily with the advanced players.

Drills and Techniques

Just our drilling and techniques alone will help advanced players shoot better.

Players practicing shooting correctly on their own

So many players practice shooting on their own incorrectly. We teach and drill the player on how to practice correctly, which is so important when learning how to shoot well. We also show players how to practice other offensive fundamentals so they can execute them well when practicing on their own.

Good Shooters

If you are a good shooter and want to be better, our well trained shooting instructors can help you with those simple adjustments which will make you a better shooter. We can also help you become a better scorer.


If you have players who need only a little refinement to become very good shooters, feel confidant to send them to our clinic. With our experience we can easily make the one or two fine line adjustments they need. Many players pick up the slight adjustments they need just through the techniques and drilling we do at our clinics.


What You Will Learn

*Practice Method That Develops Incredible Accuracy
*How To Develop A Perfect One-Hand Release
*Have Confidence To Score – Even Under Pressure
*Be Your Own Shot Doctor – How To Self-Correct
*How To Shoot Free Throws At 90% And Better
*How To Maintain Confidence After A Miss .
*An Incredibly Fast Release

Where: USM, Sullivan Gym(66 Falmouth Street, Portland)
When: Wednesday’s July 27- September 14.  Session 1 (6:30pm 7:30pm)
Session 2 (7:30pm-8:30pm)

Cost: Session options.

1 session-              $38 per
2 sessions-            $35 per
5 sessions-            $30 per
8 sessions-            $27 per


Requirements: 1)You must sign up in advance and pre-pay at
the link below.

2) You MUST bring a Notebook, pencil, basketball,
and water at every session.

Please select the training session package you want and pay below. Please note each session is one hour in duration:

Elite Shooting Academy

We guarantee you will see immediate improvement in your shooting accuracy within weeks, if you follow our workout instructions, and practice diligently at home!

FMI contact us at: (207) 772-6644 or yes@maine.rr.com.