Player & Parent Conduct

Participant Conduct:

The conduct of players and coaches should be above reproach both on and off the court. Any misbehavior or misconduct, on or off the court, will be subject to individual and/or team disqualification from the YES! Program.

Parent’s Conduct: Parents behavior during league play

The YES! Program has a zero tolerance for parents poor behavior at games. We do not allow any negative comments towards players, referees, or coaches. If a parent has issues with a referee, coach, or player, please address this to the YES! Administrator (207-772-6644). Please remember the kids are watching your every move and listening to your comments.

Parent’s Conduct: Parents behavior towards parents/teammates
The YES! Program will not tolerate parents who are complaining and making negative comments about the YES! team to other parents or players. Reason being, this behavior will most likely lead to team dissension. We will do our best to resolve parents issues or concerns when parents address their concerns through the appropriate channel by contacting the YES! Administrator (207-772-6644) to resolve the problem.