YES Programs

The YES Basketball Program features three programs — AAU Basketball, YES Summer League and The Basketball Academy.

The YES AAU Basketball program has three sessions in the Fall, Winter and Spring and each session runs for approximately 2 to 2 1/2 months. YES AAU competes in the 4th Grade Division, 5th Grade Division, 6th Grade Division, 7th Grade Division, 8th Grade Division, 9th Grade Division, and Open High School Division. Teams practice once a week in the Fall and Winter session and two times a week during the Spring session.  During the Fall and Winter session, 2 games are played either on Saturday or Sunday.  During the Spring session, teams will play 2-3 games on Saturday and Sunday.

The YES Summer League runs from the end of June through the first week of August. Player assessments are conducted prior to team formation to ensure equitable and balanced teams. Players are incorporated into each game in a fair and equitable manner. Good sportsmanship is the underlying theme as well as development of athletic and basketball skills.

The Basketball Academy supports the entire program by offering dynamic drills to help improve player’s ball handling and shooting skills. The primary goal of Basketball Academy is to develop skilled basketball players that can perform at a high level at the high school and college level.

Girls and Boys team will be established for each season.

Team Roster Limit: Team rosters will be limited to 11 players per team to maximize playing time for all players.

Uniforms: All players must wear their issued jersey top and bottom uniform at all games. Players who forget any part of their uniform will not be allowed to play in the game.